Magic Valley’s choice for excellent, accessible primary care

reMDdirect is physician-led, independent, and aims to be the Magic Valley’s choice for excellent, accessible primary care. reMDdirect welcomes all individuals regardless of insurance status. We will also look to affiliate with local employers who are eager to find a solution to the high-cost, low value health care challenge as they look to connect their covered employees with better care.  Members of reMDdirect will find access to the best care at the time they need it.  And, without concerns of insurance-mandated directives around billable visits, care will be offered by a variety of means including phone, email, text, and virtual visits according to the preference of the member.   All care provided within the scope of services is included in the affordable monthly premium, so no insurance claims are generated.

Discounted Rates

reMDdirect is also independent of ties to insurers, hospitals, and health systems.  As such, when care is needed beyond the primary care office, including specialist referral, imaging, labs and other ancillary services, reMDdirect will work with the member to connect them to the highest quality, at negotiated discounted rates.

Medications At Or Near Wholesale Cost

reMDdirect will dispense many medications at or near wholesale cost, directly from the PCP to the member, according to our physician-composed cost-effective formulary, offering dramatic savings by avoiding pharmacy markups. Given that per capita spending on prescription medications now exceeds $1000 per year ($1074 per Congressional Budget Report based on 2018 data), this benefit alone may offset membership fees for many.