Your Path to Hassle-Free Primary Care

We offer timely access to comprehensive primary care, eliminating wait times and providing quality services for a low monthly fee.

About reMDdirect

reMDdirect is physician-led, independent, and aims to be the Magic Valley’s choice for excellent, accessible primary care. reMDdirect welcomes all individuals regardless of insurance status. We will also look to affiliate with local employers who are eager to find a solution to the high-cost, low value health care challenge as they look to connect their covered employees with better care. Members of reMDdirect will find access to the best care at the time they need it.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care addresses frustrations in the traditional model by eliminating the need for insurance claims and undervalued reimbursements, enabling providers to offer high-quality care that is convenient and accessible and restores the connection between the patient and the provider.

Direct Primary Care for Families

Individuals & Families

At our direct primary care practice, you’ll find affordable access to top-notch care provided by professionals who genuinely care about your well-being.

Direct Primary Care for Employers

For Employers

Businesses opt for our practice as we assist them in enhancing employee healthcare while simultaneously lowering their overall expenses.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Unobstructed Access

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides a patient-centered solution to the frustrations of traditional fee-for-service healthcare. With a low monthly fee, patients enjoy unrestricted access to their primary care provider for a wide range of medical needs, including same-day or next-day appointments, chronic disease management, acute issue care, and preventive services. Without insurance claims, medical decisions prioritize clinical best practices, leading to higher care quality and patient satisfaction.

Meaningful Relationships

In traditional primary care, providers see many patients per day (20+), limiting time with each and compromising provider-patient relationships. DPC reduces patient panels to 400-500, allowing more personalized attention, better care, and improved health outcomes.

Cost Savings

DPC practices save patients by charging a low monthly fee in exchange for unobstructed access to the full scope of primary care services. No insurance claims, deductibles, copays, or delays.